July 2018 Latest Announcements

This is exciting! Make sure you read up on the latest products and other Dealer News. In this month’s newsletter:
  • New inReach Mini satellite communicator (Watch the promo video)
  • New Rural Energy Solar Chargers
  • Big sale on the Ooni pellet oven!
  • Check out the new video on the Pac-Rat ATV Trailers!
  • Don’t forget to log in to your Dealer profile on our new site www.ruralenergy.com

                                         Travel Lighter, Communicate Smarter

                                                             Rugged, Robust inReach



When space is tight and every ounce counts, our 13-watt solar panel packs the perfect power source. From family camping trips to even the most rugged expeditions, our line of portable solar panels will keep your gear charged and ready for whatever comes next. Plan your next outdoor adventure and be worry free knowing you have a portable power supply at your fingertips. The Rural Energy solar chargers are a great value and they perform as well as the leading solar chargers that cost between $74 – $130 retail.



The Uuni 2s is fast and easy to use. It is perfect for your outdoor kitchen, it is less than 25 lbs so you can take it just about anywhere. It comes with a stone baking board and reaches temperatures of up to 930F/500C. It’s perfect for entertaining friends or family. 

Rural Energy is excited to introduce the Pac-rat trailers, which are designed and built in Alaska! We will have exclusive distribution in North America. Let us know if you are interested in availability and pricing.

The best of both warm and cool

  • New double duct intake hose and exhaust
  • Convenient remote control
  • Humidity control, self-evaporating condensate removal
  • Temperature control, automatic, simple operation with thermo control and 12 hour on/off timer

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